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Site area

Gross builtup area





80000 sqft

80000 sqft


The prime objective while conceptualizing this futuristic Hotel design was to create a concurrence between the Built mass and existing beautiful rocky plateau through the ecological weave and providing optimal, sustainable, green environments for different desired activities.

The idea emerges right from the rock face backdrop of the site going as high as 20 meters. The tectonics of design meanders along the contours of the existing terrain
frames the back drop and merges with it simultaneously . The guiding contours make the floor plates glide over each other, creating skewed volumes within. The voids, carefully created to introduce permeability within the building for an accen-tuated interaction of the user though the built, to the existing natural rock-face!

The building here is conceived from top to bottom. It starts from the vantage point at the top of the rock cliff, which houses the health club lounge, terracing down till the foothill, creating huge lush green terrace garden on intermediate floor, act as insulation layer for the lower level and also cater to a gathering for more than 1000 people at one time.
The design strategically infuses decks and terraces at various levels bestows wide angle views of endless rocky plateau experiencing windy pleasant evenings of sub-tropical humid weather of Bhopal.

Central arena with indoor courts (atrium) superimposed with huge glass cover are surrounded by areas that can be adapted for small or large group settings(Lounges, lobbies, terrace gardens). There are opportunities for both formal and informal na-ture throughout the building and making essential use of existing natural rock with strategic landscape courts, terraces and most important of all the 'waterfall' main-tained as spine feature for all the connected spaces can be reconfigured to accom-modate client needs.

Ranjeet Boutique Hotel

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