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Site area

Gross builtup area





5 acre

500000 sqft

proposed, ongoing

Around the world, our traditional understandings of knowledge, education, and
wisdom are being remade.

The digital era presents us with access to more information than we’ve ever had before;
how do we move into the future with an awareness and appreciation of our past? The
expectations, challenges, and lifecycles of our youth are changing rapidly; how do we
empower today and tomorrow’s students to pioneer a better world? The challenges we
face collectively are more complex, interdisciplinary, and globally integrated than ever
before; how we nurture a comfort for working with the unknown?
As we enter twenty first century, with the new uncertainties and demands created by
globalization, the rise of Knowledge economy and the growing recognition of the need
for the greater ecological responsibility demands fresh and new approach towards
learning education so built environment of Our educational institutions are in transition;
the architecture of the institute plays pivotal role in formalizing schools for our collective
The Schools of today needs to Transform its pattern, curriculum and classrooms
understanding the inhabit of the young people of future and what skills and qualities will
they need to thrive therein.


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